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Level up your web3 skills, the fun way

Improve your knowledge without getting bored


Exclusive courses by well-known builders & educators.


On-chain credentials to prove your knowledge.


Climb the leaderboard and compete in tournaments with your friends for amazing rewards.



Interactive training paths rewarded by NFTs or even Tokens.

Simulation, quizz, on-chain action, fill-in-the-blank text, PvP, community events.

Positive and active community. Contribute to L-earn!


We help you reach your goals

Wether you have already a wallet or not, you can start Play and Learn on Learnify

You don't know where to start

Step by step courses

Real world knowledge

Learn applicable skills from Bitcoin basics to state-of-the-art scaling solutions, enterprise-grade NFTs, and more

You want to track your progress

Learn & Earn tokens and rewards to follow your Web 3 progress. Could be valuable in the futur..

Why Learnify ?


Mobile app

You will always have the opportunity to learn something new.


Don't get lost

Newcomers are often lost entering a space full of dispatched and untrustworthy informations.



No boring courses anymore, learn in a fun way with games.

Phase 1 - Ownership

How to qualify for Genesis Pass ?

One-click signup

You don't need a wallet, you can always create one later. To start, sign up with an email or social account.

Complete all courses

To qualify for Genesis Pass you need to complete all courses. Easy to consume content from videos to articles. Don't forget the mini-games to earn more rewards !

Get your lootbox

Mint your first credential on Learnify. 
Get your lootbox with NFT item and Genesis Pass that gives you a free-mint.

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Team & Advisors

The Founders are working together since 2019

Founder Asgard DAO
Co-founder Collectible DAO
Advisor for Express Crypto (CEX)
Lead Team Investment at The Symmetrical
Master Degree in Digital Marketing
Co-founder of Asgard DAO
Web3 conference Speaker.
Software Engineer
Developed +10 projects
CTO of Asgard DAO & Collectible DAO
Founder of ERA2140 & OVAL3
ERA2140 is a Venture Studio & Oval3 is a Rugby Fantasy Free-to-Play

Co-founder NFT Factory & Managing Director for ERA2140
Entrepreneur and VP Engineering. +15 years experience
MSc Economics & Web3 Advisor. Tokenomics expert.


What is Learnify ?

Learnify is a gamified education app designed for web3 users and non-users, to help them understand crypto & web3 as a whole.

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How can I learn on Learnify ?

You have many ways to earn on Learnify. You need to complet courses and play mini-games. You can also battle your friends or anyone in the matchmaking lobby. You will also be able to participate in tournaments that will be organized.

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What kind of learning content i will find ?

You will find texts, videos or podcasts.
All short and easy to consume on-the-go.

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What kind of games I can play ?

We look forward to add new types of mini-games.

For now you can experience:
In-app simulations that emulates real world actions
Quizz and fill-in-the-blank to test your knowledge
And on-chain actions to apply your knowledge for real.

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How to Earn on Learnify ?

You need to complete courses to be able to mint your collectible.
You also earn rewards for winning the mini-games.
These let you go onto the leaderboard and qualify you for furthers rewards.
Best learners will be able to have token airdrop from our partners, whitelist or even free mint.

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Do i need a wallet ?

No, everyone can download and start learning without a wallet.

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Do i need a NFT to access the app ?

No, a NFT is not mandatory to access the learning features of the app.
However, you will need your Avatar to unlock all features.

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What is a Genesis Pass ?

A Genesis Pass Is given to you once you completed all the courses of the Phase 1.
Owning a Genesis Pass gives you a whitelist for a free-mint of your avatar.
This avatar will be required to unlock all the features on the app.

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What is PHASE ONE ?

Phase One is named OWNERSHIP.
Its the first step of our 4 phases launch.
All the courses, games and content you will come by on Learnify will match the phase’s theme.

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